⭐[4K] Zelda Ocarina of Time Next Gen: Kokiri Forest – Unreal Engine 5

⭐[4K] Zelda Ocarina of Time Next Gen: Kokiri Forest – Unreal Engine 5

January 31, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

⭐[4K] Zelda Ocarina of Time Next Gen: Kokiri Forest – Unreal Engine 5
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Following what I did previously, I keep learning and practicing Unreal Engine 5 and this episode is dedicated to Kokiri Forest. Compared to Zora’s Domain video, I wanted this one to speak more with the music and images. My goal was to make this place magical while keeping the original architecture of the game. I have a great memory of playing in Kokiri Forest when I was a kid, so I used what I know today to build something interesting. I’ve never had so much challenge for a video which made this one the hardest I’ve ever made. On top of that, I was moving from to a new country and working 40h/week on my day job while making this video. This is the result of 6 months of hard work and I’m so happy with the end result. Despite the daily crashes, bugs, historic snowstorm, power outage in my city for multiple days and more haha 😅I was still able to deliver something that I think is unique. I gave everything to finish this video. Let me know what you think and what was your favorite moment!

It’s very important to keep in mind that making these 3D videos is not my job. I have never worked in the 3D industry, whether for video games or cinema. I’ve never had a job related to that. I never learned any of this in a school and I’ve never met a single 3d artist yet. I have to learn everything on my own and have become very passionate over the years. I hope my videos will inspire you because you can achieve amazing things if you believe in it and are willing to work hard to achieve it. I just want to see how far I can go if I work seriously hard on something. You’d be surprised how well you get to know yourself as an individual.

Episode 01: Kakariko Village: https://youtu.be/rV02k6DiWs0
Episode 02: Lake Hylia: https://youtu.be/mp9OUSxXoDg
Episode 03: Zora’s Domain: https://youtu.be/8I-d3KQobj4

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