20 Great Arcade Games with Terrible Console Ports

20 Great Arcade Games with Terrible Console Ports

May 2, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

20 Great Arcade Games with Terrible Console Ports
True Fact: Whether it’s due to hardware limitations or the publishers just not caring, some ports are better experienced on their original hardware

Porting a game should be simple, in theory. You’ve got the actual game already made, and all you need to do is convert to different hardware. Well, there are actually a ton of factors that developers need to face when transferring titles to new homes. Namely programming architecture, a means of delivery, button mapping, and that’s before you consider all the added features that often get included when releases shift camps. Yet sometimes developers drop the ball so hard that they become legendary, and that’s what we’re here to look at today

In this video I explore in depth the history of arcades, looking for the best arcade games that have had the worst domestic conversions

In this video you will find:

• A side-by-side comparison of the worst console ports ever performed
• Specific clips of the same arcade scenes and their corresponding console version (in order to compare graphics, sound and gameplay)
• Information related to each game such as release date, developer company, game genre and system it was released on.
• Official game box arts with a 3D presentation.
• Educative and/or critical comments on the importance of the video game and why you should play it

Intro and Outro Music

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Street Fighter II (Arcade vs Game Boy)
0:45 Golden Axe (Arcade vs PC Engine CD)
1:15 Primal Rage (Arcade vs Sega Genesis)
1:45 Cruis’n USA (Arcade vs N64)
2:15 Strider (Arcade vs Master System)
2:45 Pit-Fighter (Arcade vs SNES)
3:15 Altered Beast (Arcade vs NES)
3:45 Double Dragon (Arcade vs NES)
4:15 Time Killers (Arcade vs Sega Genesis)
4:45 Rampage (Arcade vs Atari 7800)
5:15 Sunset Riders (Arcade vs Sega Genesis)
5:45 Ikari Warriors 2 (Arcade vs NES)
6:15 X-Men vs Street Fighter (Arcade vs Playstation)
6:45 Pac-Man (Arcade vs Atari 2600)
7:15 Dragon’s Lair (Arcade vs NES)
7:45 Final Fight (Arcade vs SNES)
8:15 Virtua Fighter 2 (Arcade vs Sega Genesis)
8:44 Athena (Arcade vs NES)
9:14 Captain America and The Avengers (Arcade vs SNES)
9:45 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade vs Game Boy Advance)
10:14 Outro

⚠️ All gameplay recording, game curation and opinions included in this video, as well as editing is completely done by me

Bits & Beats creates videos about the history of video games. In this channel you’ll find comparisons, retrospectives, technical analysis, but, mostly, game curations with the idea of having an important task of preserving video games, and make them relevant to society at large.

Curation isn’t just about digging up neat games, but it’s also about preservation, interpretation, and using one’s knowledge to make it relevant to people. With my videos I want older gamers to look back and remember the influence of video games on their lives, and new gamers to understand the larger context of the series they’re playing for the first time today.

I put significant time and creative effort into each one of my videos, including research, digging into archives, playing video games and recording hours of footage, selecting specific clips, writing reviews for each title, and making a very careful video editing in the way to transmit both educational and entertaining values to my audience. Every video takes a lot of hours to produce, because I strive to give my audience a consistent, high-quality content.

Fidelity and preservation of the video games is essential in Bits & Beats, so the recordings are made with the highest bitrate quality. It is done this way to preserve original game look and sound through modern footage, with no superfluous additions. I recommend you watch the video at 4K and 60 frames per second to get the best possible viewing experience.

I hope you enjoy my videos and find them useful!

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