3 Hours of Relaxing Super Nintendo Music – SNESdrunk

August 9, 2020 0 By nate

3 Hours of Relaxing Super Nintendo Music – SNESdrunk
[0:00] Waterworld, “Map”
[1:54] Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, “Calling of Peace”
[4:02] Energy Breaker, “The Voice of Awakening”
[6:21] Donkey Kong Country, “Aquatic Ambience”
[9:43] Tetris Attack, “Walk on a Rainbow”
[14:57] SimCity, “Village”
[17:48] Chrono Trigger, “Secret of the Forest”
[22:25] The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, “End Credits”
[26:17] Equinox, “Overworld”
[33:41] EVO Search For Eden, “Mother Earth”
[35:45] Vegas Stakes, “Hotel Room”
[38:38] Ardy Lightfoot, “Overworld Map”
[39:20] Bahamut Lagoon, “Epicedium”
[41:12] Star Fox, “Sector Y”
[44:03] ActRaiser, “North Wall”
[47:03] Breath of Fire, “Underwater”
[48:45] Jim Lee’s WildCATS, “Opening”
[52:17] Final Fantasy VI, “The Mines of Narshe”
[54:59] Seiken Densetsu 3, “Harvest November”
[59:21] Terranigma, “Sad”
[1:02:20] Super Castlevania IV, “The Library”
[1:03:56] DoReMi Fantasy, “The Guardian’s Lair”
[1:05:55] 7th Saga, “Lux Tizer”
[1:08:24] Illusion of Gaia, “World Map”
[1:11:17] Donkey Kong Country 3, “Frosty Frolics”
[1:14:09] Arcana, “Reinroll, Generous Hermit”
[1:16:52] Chaos Seed, “Cave”
[1:20:57] Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen, “Fortune Teller”
[1:22:08] Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, “Ice Forest”
[1:24:55] EarthBound, “Winter Boarding School”
[1:27:47] Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, “Snow Valley”
[1:29:32] Rudra no Hihou, “Crime of the Heart”
[1:32:44] Secret of Evermore, “Ebon Keep Town Theme”
[1:34:54] Super Mario All-Stars, “Lost Levels Title Theme”
[1:37:47] Final Fantasy V, “Lenna’s Theme”
[1:40:38] Paladin’s Quest, “Unknown Theme B”
[1:43:31] Jurassic Park, “Ocean”
[1:46:31] Dark Half, “Town”
[1:47:19] Bassin’s Black Bass, “Intro”
[1:48:41] Secret of Mana, “A Wish”
[1:49:40] Breath of Fire II, “Memories”
[1:51:05] Super Mario World, “Underwater”
[1:54:14] Waterworld, “Menu”
[1:56:52] Romancing SaGa, “Lost in the Forest”
[1:58:35] Smart Ball, “Moon”
[2:01:26] Donkey Kong Country 2, “Stickerbrush Symphony”
[2:05:44] Tales of Phantasia, “Forest Theme”
[2:08:38] Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, “Deep Blue”
[2:10:29] Final Fantasy VI, “Phantom Forest”
[2:13:41] Chrono Trigger, “Memories of Green”
[2:17:21] Super Metroid, “Lower Maridia”
[2:20:15] Robotrek, “The World of Quintenix”
[2:22:03] Violinist of Hameln, “Inside the Crimson Castle”
[2:25:23] Terranigma, “Credits”
[2:28:17] Seiken Densetsu 3, “Breezin”
[2:33:30] Final Fantasy IV, “Welcome to Our Town”
[2:34:13] Equinox, “Atlena”
[2:35:56] Star Ocean, “Calm Time”
[2:38:29] Donkey Kong Country, “Northern Hemispheres”
[2:40:52] Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together, “Fortune Teller 2”
[2:42:50] Super Mario RPG, “End Credits”
[2:46:25] Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, “Story Time”
[2:49:45] Tetris Attack, “Water World”
[2:51:54] EVO Search For Eden, “Overworld Theme”
[2:53:28] Phalanx, “Ending”
[2:55:41] Secret of Mana, “Fear of the Heavens”
[2:56:55] SimCity, “Good Night, See You Soon”

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