A Portable Switch & Switch OLED Dock with Ethernet for Under $35?

A Portable Switch & Switch OLED Dock with Ethernet for Under $35?

June 7, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

A Portable Switch & Switch OLED Dock with Ethernet for Under $35?
In this episode, we unbox and test out the Unitek portable dock designed for the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED, featuring an integrated ethernet port.

The name Unitek may not mean much to many people, I only learned of them in 2021 when they reached out to us to see if we wanted to check out their folding portable dock for the Nintendo Switch. For under $30, I found their solution to be convenient, portable, and it’s simply worked. In 2022 the designers have revamped things, adding an ethernet port and two USB ports for added functionality and convenience.

Measuring 3.15 inches x 2.83 inches, and only .79 inches thick, this is a much more spelled and compact docking solution compared to the original Switch dock. You have a lot of technology that has gone into this, so it’s not like you have features stripped out. Now one thing of note is the fact that it does not include an AC adapter, that is a deliberate choice. While bricking of Switch systems has been a concern in the past, by sticking with the OEM Nintendo power supply, third-party manufacturers pretty much eliminate this from being a concern.

One of the big selling features of the Switch OLED is the fact that the dock includes an integrated ethernet port. For those who do not have reliable wi-fi, this has been an extremely important addition. Unitek did not let this go unnoticed as they have included a gigabit Ethernet connection on the back of the dock itself. The mounting location is where the USB 3.0 Port was on the original dock. Do not inconvenience users, Unitek has added two additional ethernet ports to the sides of their portable dock. One bummer, however, is the fact that these new USB ports are now USB 2.0 where the originals were USB 3.0. while acceptable for charging accessories or using with wired controllers, this is a downgrade in speed for data transfer.

From once I removed everything from the box and inspected it, it was time to connect to my television. I simply disconnected my HDMI cable and power supply from my original Switch dock and connected it to the Unitek dock. From here my Switch docked right up to the system and I was ready to play. Before I played any games, I did want to do a test to check and see the download speeds on the wired LAN connection versus wi-fi. My download speeds were about 20% faster, but my upload speed was nearly doubled. I was very happy with the results overall

Video quality, leg, and latency were wonderful right from the box. I did not have to make any adjustments or tweaks to my television to make sure that everything played as it should. I did not notice any screen tearing, any poor graphic display, or any other issues that would have told me that I was going through a budget-friendly third-party doc versus the OEM Nintendo one. From Super responsive fighting games to casual platformers, it absolutely passed the test.

Why it RoX:
– Under $35
– Compatible with the original Switch and Switch OLED
– Available in two different color schemes
– Integrated LAN port for faster internet speeds
– Compact design for easy transportation
– Two USB ports
– Terrific performance at a budget price
– Button to toggle between desktop and dock mode

What could be improved:
– USB ports are USB 2.0
– Not a well-known name in The Gaming community
– A white version to match the Switch OLED would be nice

Should you buy one?
Has people are starting to travel again, taking your Switch on the go is once again a popular thing. Transporting the original Switch dock around is a pain due to its size, but the Unitek portable Switch dock with land connector makes transporting a usable Switch dock a breeze. At under $35 you have a fully functional Switch dock, complete with USB ports and LAN connections, and it simply works. My real biggest criticism is the fact the USB ports are not USB 3.0, but that’s something I can overlook for all the other conveniences added here. For the money, this is a damn good value that you are hard-pressed to beat.

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