AtGames Legends BitLCD Marquee Review & Install!

AtGames Legends BitLCD Marquee Review & Install!

September 29, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

AtGames Legends BitLCD Marquee Review & Install!
Today’s video is my setup installation tutorial and also review of the AtGames Legends BitLCD Marquee. I have a soft spot and fondness for the previous BitPixelLED Marquees so is this LCD Marquee the Ultimate Upgrade? Let’s check it out!

Legends BitLCD

0:00 Intro
0:19 Unboxing
1:43 Step 1 Remove Back Panel
2:33 Step 2 Remove Existing Marquee
2:59 Step 3 Prep BitLCD for Install
3:51 Step 4 Mount BitLCD
4:42 Step 5 Install USB Hub
5:28 Step 6 Install Power Splitter/Cables
7:08 Step 7 Power On/Turn Off Bluetooth
7:48 Step 8 Update Cabinet Firmware
8:30 Step 9 Install BitLCD App on FDX
9:35 Step 10 Update BitLCD Firmware
11:34 Step 11 Update BitLCD Resources
13:09 Final Thoughts!

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