Atgames Legends Ultimate CoinOpsX SNES Add on.

March 27, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

Atgames Legends Ultimate CoinOpsX SNES Add on.
Hi, Do you have Atgames Legends Ultimate (ALU)? Do you have CoinOpsX v5 ready install and running on ALU? if Yes, yes on both questions then You need to created telegram account and then click on the invite link then the download link. Once you get there it have instruction what you need to do. You will also need to download AddonXtool 1.9 from Atgames set. Here the site:

If you answer is Yes I have Atgames Legends mini, Pinball or Others you can still used this added on.

If your 2nd Answer is No, I don’t have CoinOpsX version 5 or CoinOpsX Vertical installed then you need to watch my video 1 on Unboxing and how to get USB ready for CoinOpsX.
Here the link:My first video about CoinOpsX v5 link. Part1

Telegram Invite link:
then click on telegram download link for snes
via YouTube