Better than a Steam Deck? Anbernic Win 600 review – Steam OS and Windows gaming handheld

Better than a Steam Deck? Anbernic Win 600 review – Steam OS and Windows gaming handheld

July 12, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

Better than a Steam Deck? Anbernic Win 600 review – Steam OS and Windows gaming handheld
We are taking a look at Anbernic’s first Windows handheld, the Win 600 featuring the AMD Athlon Silver 3020e and 3050e processors. We will be unboxing it and taking a look at the features, running some system and gaming benchmarks, and we will finish up with a look at many games on both Windows and Steam OS, as well as some emulators performance. Grab two cups of tea and some biccies, it’s a long video!

Pre-orders for the Win 600 will be available at and soon! You can read a text version of this video on our blog at

The #Anbernic Win 600 comes in two models, the AMD Athlon Silver 3020e and 3050e processor with AMD Radeon RX Vega 3 GPU. It has 8GB or DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded to 16GB. Depending on the model there is 128GB or 256GB of m.2 SATA SSD which can also be upgraded. There is WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless communications. It runs on two 4,500mAh batteries lasting up to around 5 hours. It officially supports the #SteamOS like a #SteamDeck as well as Windows which you can run independently or dual boot to.

0:00 Coming up in this Win 600 review
0:26 Unboxing the Anbernic Win 600
1:05 Win 600 Overview
2:12 Win 600 Technical Specifications
3:15 System Benchmark Introduction
3:36 PassMark System Benchmark & Result
4:01 PCMark System Benchmark & Result
4:18 3DMark System Benchmark & Result
4:42 Final Fantasy XIV Gaming Benchmark & Result
5:10 Street Fighter V Gaming Benchmark & Result
5:35 Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Benchmark & Result
6:02 TMNT: Shredders Revenge Benchmark
6:19 Benchmark Summary & Comparison
7:11 Steam OS Overview
8:13 Fallout New Vegas on Steam OS
8:33 Bioshock Remastered on Steam OS
8:52 Borderlands 2 on Steam OS
9:20 Portal 2 on Steam OS
9:42 Sonic Racing Transformed on Steam OS
10:01 Hades on Windows
10:32 Powerwash Simulator on Windows
10:55 Lumines Remastered on Windows
11:10 Art of Rally on Windows
11:29 PAC-Man Museum+ on Windows
11:47 Xbox Cloud Gaming Performance
12:08 Emulator Testing Information
12:26 Dreamcast Emulator Performance
12:50 PlayStation Emulator Performance
13:03 Dolphin Emulator Performance
13:41 DeSmuME Emulator Performance
13:56 Citra Emulator Performance
14:14 PlayStation Portable Emulator Performance
14:35 PlayStation 2 PCSX2 Emulator Performance
14:58 Xbox Xemu Emulator Performance
15:16 Is the Win 600 right for you?
17:05 Final Thoughts
17:39 Learn more about the Win 600

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