Can CD PROJEKT RED save Cyberpunk 2077?

Can CD PROJEKT RED save Cyberpunk 2077?

January 5, 2021 0 By retrogamingdev
Cyberpunk 2077 Release Trailer

Now that the dust is settling a bit around the rocky launch of one of the most anticipated games of all time (Cyberpunk 2077), I can’t help but wonder if CD PROJEKT RED can and will save this title.

What is wrong with the game? Well, at this point it can vary depending upon the platform you play, but bugs, glitches, and poorly implemented elements seem to pop up for just about everyone. For example, PS4 users were greeted to a nearly unplayable experience from the start. But, if you look at the next gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X, PC), the experience is more manageable (if not ideal still).

What do they need to do? Well, it might depend upon who you ask. Of course, they need to get the game glitch free and playable on all the platforms they set out to. This will likely be critical to getting the game re-listed on the PlayStation storefront – which is critical to the game’s long term viability. Besides the bugs and glitches though, the report of poorly implemented gameplay and other elements (such as weak or non-existant A.I.) will likely need to be addressed at some point. The city is beautiful, but the game is missing basic quality of life and realism elements that GTA5 did years ago (even GTA4 maybe).

Can and will they do it? I think (and hope) they will. There was a massive investment for this game and it would be silly to let it die off now. I have heard rumors (and hope they are true) that there is an intention to add an “online” mode (much like GTA5 Online). That will make the game even more substantial and give it some serious legs into the future. But, none of that matters if they can’t get the basic issues sorted out with patches and updates.

What do you think?