Castlevania NES Secrets and History | Generation Gap Gaming

October 22, 2019 0 By nate

Castlevania NES Secrets and History | Generation Gap Gaming
Castlevania NES Secrets and History | Generation Gap Gaming – The original Castlevania. One of the most iconic titles from the NES era that resonates deeply with nearly any retro gamer you meet and it’s easy to see why. The incredible box art, a cinematic movie reel title screen and an opening sequence with our hero Simon Belmont standing firmly at the gate of the castle with its towers and the moon looming in the background. Then you hear the timeless opening track Vampire Killer as you advance through the courtyard and you are hooked. You can hear the music in your head right now can’t you. #Castlevania #NES #GenerationGapGaming

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Castlevania Map Artwork used with permission from its creator Bill Mudron.
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