Contra Legacy of War – Sega Saturn Review

August 23, 2021 0 By retrogamingdev

Contra Legacy of War – Sega Saturn Review
It was a time of transition in the video game world. Many 2D games were being turned into new experiences using 3D polygons. Contra was one such game and we take a look at how it fared.

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Opening “Sega” jingle is from Astal for the Sega Saturn.

Ending Music during the credits is from Batman for the Sega Genesis.

Opening 3D SLX Logo
By: Jan Neves
YouTube Page –

Opening 2D Animation(characters)
By: Kevin Bhall
Facebook –

Episode Notes:

1. Captured on real hardware.

2. Having not played this seriously in years, I absolutely got my ass handed to me trying to beat it. I could only do it on easy, forcing me to use cheats for the later stages. I just didn’t have the drive to see anything in this game legitimately.

3. As I mentioned, this is an excellent port of the Playstation game. I’d even argue it runs a bit better.

4. Slowdown does show up frequently. It doesn’t hurt anything but it’s there.

5. This would mark a downward spiral for Contra as a series for years. It still hasn’t recovered.

6. Appaloosa was originally known as Novotrade. They’ve done a ton of games you may know across many platforms. They were also responsible for the awful C The Contra Adventure for the Playstation.

7. The Saturn version is rare and expensive. Even more so complete with the original red/blue 3D glasses. The Playstation release usually goes for under $20.
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