DF Direct! Capcom Home Arcade Hands-On! – CPS1/2 Emulation in the Living Room!

August 27, 2019 0 By nate

DF Direct! Capcom Home Arcade Hands-On! – CPS1/2 Emulation in the Living Room!
Having the full arcade experience at home is an enticing idea – and today we go hands-on with a Capcom-licensed take on the concept. The Home Arcade sports solid hardware, and packs in 16 classic CPS1 and 2 titles from its 2D golden age. Tom and John discuss early experiences with it, plus the controversy surrounding its emulation on reveal.

Koch Media has released a statement on the nature of its emulation here:

“The software of the Capcom Home Arcade is at its core made up of a Linux base (mainline kernal 5.0). This controls low level interaction with the hardware (video, sound, USB, WiFi, power drivers). The UI is a custom interface, built on top of the open source Linux graphics toolkit (SDL). When a user selects a game to play from the UI a default version of RetroArch activates and it sets some configs for our hardware and software and then executes game emulation to run.”

“The emulator software is provided by Barry Harris. Barry provided bespoke emulation for the Capcom Home Arcade based on our hardware and software specification with the objective of the 16 licensed Capcom games playing as authentically as they can. The emulation includes cps2_crypt, Z80 and ym2151 software used under the relevant OSS license. An example of a feature we requested to be included in emulation was an instruction to bypass all the games splash screens on boot[…], so that the user goes straight to the games title screen once they’ve selected a game from the UI.”

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