Did Nintendo really forget to Optimize Super Mario 64 ? | MVG

February 3, 2020 0 By nate

Did Nintendo really forget to Optimize Super Mario 64 ? | MVG
A recent discovery from the N64 Super Mario 64 De-Compilation Project appears to show that Super Mario 64 USA release for the Nintendo 64 was not optimized and was released as a debug version. However things are not that cut and dry. In this episode we take a deep dive in to what went on with development of Nintendo 64 games in 1996 and how this theory may not be accurate.

N64 Footage was captured with an UltraHDMI and trdrop was used for framerate analysts. Big thanks to SpawnWaveMedia for the N64 captures.

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► MattKC Nintendo’s big mistake that made Super Mario 64 Super Slow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_gdOKSTaxM
► Ghidra Reverse Engineering Tool – https://ghidra-sre.org/
► N64 Decompiling Guide – https://ift.tt/2tovE2U
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► Super Mario 64 Decompilation – https://ift.tt/2HjkIHJ

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