Die Hard Trilogy – Sega Saturn Review

Die Hard Trilogy – Sega Saturn Review

July 26, 2021 0 By retrogamingdev

Die Hard Trilogy – Sega Saturn Review

Could Fox and Probe perform video game magic again? Sega Lord X takes a look at the game!

Die Hard Trilogy is a video game based on the first three installments of the Die Hard series of action movies. Die Hard Trilogy features three games in one, each based on a movie installment and featuring a different genre and gameplay style.

The Saturn port also received mostly positive reviews, though it was often compared unfavorably to the PlayStation original. GamePro’s The Rookie said the graphics are not as sharp as the PlayStation version’s, especially in the Die Harder segment, but the gameplay is addictive enough to make this relatively unimportant. Josh Smith stated in GameSpot that the sluggish controls and poor graphics, especially as compared to the PlayStation version, make the first two segments of the game nearly unplayable, since lining up shots in time is awkward and frustrating. However, he said that in the third segment the animation is actually better than the PlayStation version’s, and that the fast pace and black humor of this segment make it worth buying Die Hard Trilogy all by itself. Paul Glancey of Sega Saturn Magazine summarized: “Often when you see compilations like this there’s … one section that stands out as the one that the programmers thought of first and lavished the most attention on, but all three sections of Die Hard Trilogy have their fair share of thrills, great visuals and clever ideas”.

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Episode Notes:

  1. Captured on real Saturn and Playstation hardward.
  2. If you pay close attention, almost all of the fine details are lost in the Saturn version. The overhead lighting, the snow, the accent lights, steam from the sewers, etc.
  3. This was also released on the PC.
  4. A sequel was released in 2000 called Die Hard Trilogy 2 Viva Las Vegas. Of course the Saturn was well dead in the west at this point so only the Playstation received it. It was not developed by Probe.
  5. Die Hard With a Vengeance also uses the Saturn Arcade Racing WHeel if you have it.
  6. The Playstation version will use a light gun but not the Namco Guncon.
  7. This is a 1 player game. Even the light gun portion.