Doom and the Sega Saturn

June 10, 2020 0 By nate

Doom and the Sega Saturn
In 1997, the id Software FPS Doom hit the Sega Saturn. It was a disappointing port that failed to take advantage of the Saturn’s hardware. Here, we take a look at it.

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Jan Neves
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Kevin Bhall
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Episode Notes:

1. The Jaguar footage was captured from an emulator, as I do not own the hardware any longer. It did not run correctly, so I had to really adjust its image and speed to get a usable image. That’s why the HUD is out of frame. Games are as follows:
Saturn Versions: Real Hardware
Playstation Version: Real Hardware
3DO Version: Real Hardware
SNES Version: Emulated
Jaguar Version: Emulated
32X Version: Real Hardware
Xbox 360 Version: Real Hardware
Hexen & Powerslave: Real Hardware

2. Most of the music in this episode is from the 3DO version of Doom. It really is an outstanding soundtrack.

3. The Hexen footage was captured via my old setup with a cheap SCART to HDMI box. The game actually looks better than that.

4. Since my 3DO is not modded, the best video output I have for it is S-Video, which makes the capture appear a bit fuzzier than it should.

5. I can’t stand the SNES version of Doom. Apologists can make excuses all they want. It’s a bad looking and playing game.

6. When it comes right down to it, no console version has ever even come close to Doom on the PC. Just the fact that there were so many mods available for it make it the definitive way to play that game by far.

7. This is actually the second upload of this. I took the original down to correct a mistake. You can probably tell were it is by the difference in the audio flow. Still, the programmers deserved to be named correctly.
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