Earthworm Jim Special Edition – Sega CD Review

December 16, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

Earthworm Jim Special Edition – Sega CD Review
The Sega CD received its very own Earthworm Jim with some audio and visual enhancements. Is it worth your time?

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Kevin Bhall
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Episode Notes:

1. There are actually a few different endings here. Some of them have running commentary from the devs that are pretty funny.

2. In regards to the stand still animations, I let the two games run side by side for 30 mins. Both seem to have routines that are random, and both have a couple the other doesn’t. I feel the Sega CD version got shafted here, however. The Genesis animations are faster, more often, and more varied.

3. Dave Perry did many other games before this, including Cool Spot.

4. There was a Earthworm Jim HD version for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It did not have the extras form the Special Edition here.

5. I like the SNES version of this game as well. I think visually its the best of the bunch, but I prefer the Sega CD overall for its music and extras.

6. The Sega Genesis cartridge was just 24 megabits. Seeing all the animation you’d think it would have been 32.

7. The Game Boy and Game Gear/SMS versions of this game are nowhere near their 16-bit cousins in regards to quality. Night and day in fact.

8. There was a PSP remake of this in the works, but it never saw a final release.

9. This contains the stage Intestinal Distress! that was originally exclusive to the Genesis version.

10. The music portion of this video has the selections simply labeled by tracks from the CD. I could not find their names anywhere.

11. I played this differently for the capture than I would on my own. Jim has lots of animations when he gets hit, and I wanted to show that.

12. I was had a cold while recoding this. You may notice my voice sounds a tad stuffy.
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