EPIC Hour Long Zelda Piano Medley! (35th Anniversary Edition)

EPIC Hour Long Zelda Piano Medley! (35th Anniversary Edition)

July 18, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

EPIC Hour Long Zelda Piano Medley! (35th Anniversary Edition)
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Zelda Medley 35th Anniversary! Want an Ocarina of Time piano medley, a Majora’s Mask, Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Link to the Past (ok you get the idea) medley all in the same video? You’ve come to the right place!
Okay this might be a bit overboard…but I was really excited about The Legend of Zelda 35 year anniversary! So I decided to play as many Zelda songs as I could remember.
Can you name all the songs without looking? Did I miss your favorite song? Let me know in the comments below!
I know I skipped a couple of the games; I wanted to do Lorule Castle or the Spirit Tracks overworld song because I really like those but the list of songs was already starting to get out of hand…

And hey, I wanted to thank everyone who has been watching my videos and who has commented such lovely things. It means a lot to me, really! If you don’t have time to watch this whole video, I totally understand, haha, so if you just skip to your favorite songs (see pinned comment), it won’t hurt my feelings 😀

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WARNING: this is NOT perfect. There are some wrong notes, especially towards the end when I started losing focus. I recorded this all in one take, on the second try. On the first try I had already gone through a rash of technical difficulties (computer kept crashing, the video stopped recording for no reason, etc…). As a result, I had been playing for a couple hours when I finally got it recorded all the way through, and it was super sloppy due to exhaustion. So I tried again the next day and here’s the result!
I’m so sorry, Mipha, for that weird chord at the end of your song :'( I love you and I promise I will make it up to you!

00:01 Zelda NES: Title Screen
01:32 Zelda NES: Overworld
02:18 Zelda NES: Dungeon
02:39 Zelda NES: Ending Theme
03:32 Zelda II: Title Screen
04:55 Zelda II: Battle
05:18 Zelda II: Temple
06:52 Zelda II: Great Palace
07:33 Zelda: A Link to the Past: Hyrule Castle
08:54 ALttP: Kakariko Village
10:01 ALttP: Forest of Mystery
10:19 ALttP: Lost Ancient Ruins
11:06 ALttP: Black Mist
11:54 ALttP: The Dark World
12:56 Link’s Awakening: Mabe Village
13:19 LA: Ballad of the Wind Fish
13:57 LA: Sword Search
14:31 LA: Tal Tal Hights
15:15 Ocarina of Time: Hyrule Field
17:00 OoT: Kaepora Gaepora
17:57 OoT: Kokiri Forest
18:47 OoT Fairy Fountain
19:22 OoT: Title Screen
20:48 OoT: Inside a House
21:13 OoT: Lon Lon Ranch
22:22 OoT: Zelda’s Lullaby
23:17 OoT: Zora’s Domain
24:48 OoT: Lost Woods/Saria’s Song
25:30 OoT: Song of Storms
26:02 OoT: Gerudo Valley
27:47 Majora’s Mask: Clock Town
28:58 MM: Song of Healing
29:53 MM: Astral Observatory
30:35 MM: Milk Bar
31:22 MM: Deku Palace
32:09 MM: Stone Tower Temple
33:23 MM: Giant’s Song
34:20 Windwaker: Title Screen
35:21 Windwaker: Outset Island
36:58 Windwaker: Ocean Theme
38:01 Windwaker: Dragonroost Island
39:35 Twilight Princess: Hyrule Field Theme
41:31 TP: Midna’s Lament
43:00 TP: Queen Rutela’s Theme (Serenade of Water from OoT)
43:33 TP: Lake Hylia
44:34 Skyward Sword: Fi’s Theme
46:04 SS: Skyloft
47:48 SS: Ballade of the Goddess
49:08 Breath of the Wild: Main Theme
50:49 BotW: Mipha’s Theme
52:10 BotW: Hateno Village
53:37 BotW: Kass’ Last Song
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