Fighting Games on the NES

Fighting Games on the NES

July 22, 2018 0 By nate

This video is going to take a look at a few fighting games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Not to be confused with beat ’em up style games, such as Double Dragon or Golden Axe.  These are 1 on 1 fighting games, similar to titles such as your Street Fighters’, Mortal Kombats’ or Killer Instinct’. The games showcased in this video are simple in design and ambition, but filled a part of the gaming market with fun games of competition and helped to usher in a new genre of video games.

The three games specifically covered in this video are Urban Champion, Karate Champ and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters.

Urban Champion is a simple game, almost like playing Rock Paper Scissors with the slow lumbering moves and the simple repertoire of attacks your character can perform.

Karate Champ is a slightly more advanced experience than Urban Champion.  You character can perform a wide assortment of moves, dependent upon which way you are holding the D pad and which button you press.  The action is still slow, though.

TMNT Tournament Fighters is the most comparable of the bunch to other fighting games.

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