Game Gear & Master System: Almost the same thing!

Game Gear & Master System: Almost the same thing!

July 12, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

Game Gear & Master System: Almost the same thing!
Sega’s Game Gear was basically a mini-Master System with a low-resolution screen. So, why can you play Master System games on a Game Gear, but not the other way around? Or can you? Join me in this video to go over a bunch of fun things about both consoles and highlight ways to play Game Gear on your TV!

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Master System to Game Gear Converter:

ROM Carts:

Console 5:

Apocalypse’s Projects:

More Game Gear Info:
Stereo Game Gear Games:

Master System Games on Game Gear Carts:

Reverse-engineered Game Gear motherboard:

Interview with GGTV creator Tim Worthington:

Awesome screen mods:

Power Base Mini:
Power Base FM:
FM Sound Info:

5x Scaling Explained:

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00:00 Opening
00:53 Console Overview
02:24 SMS on GG
05:41 GG on SMS
08:22 Super Game Gear
12:07 Mods and WARNING
13:24 GG on TV
15:10 Conclusion
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