Gemfire on the SNES

Gemfire on the SNES

August 1, 2018 0 By nate


Gemfire is a medieval war game that was released for numerous platforms, including the MSX, the NES, the Sega Genesis (or MegaDrive), MS-DOS, NEC PC9801 & 8801, FM Towns, Sharp X68000, Microsoft Windows and eventually the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992.  The game was developed by KOEI and was originally released in Japan under the name of Royal Blood.

The object of the game is to return order to the fictional island of Ishmeria by use of force and other methods of control.  The players can use various types of troops in combination with other fantastical type beasts, dragons and magicians to succeed at defeating enemies and taking control of their castle.


The story is as follows:

Once upon a time, six wizards, each weilding their own magic, used their power to protect the island and maintain peace. Peace was distrupted when they were all challenged by a Fire Dragon which was summoned forth by another wizard determined to plunge the island into darkness.


The six wizards were given the task of defeating the Fire Dragon. They did so by sealing the dragon away in a ruby which was place atop of a crown, and themselves becoming 6 jewels around the base of the crown.  This crown was called Gemfire and was the symbol of power and authority over the land.


The game starts after the current King of Ishmeria has sought to use the crown’s power for evil. As his power increased, Ishmeria fell into despair.  His daughter, unhappy with her father’s actions, stole Gemfire and pried loose the 6 wizard gems. The wizards shot into the sky and were scattered over the land.  Robyn was locked away in a tower because of her actions, but the first step of freeing her people had been started. With the help of a wizard, 6 families fight to claim the throne as their own to restore order and peace to Ishmeria.


After choosing their starting scenario and family, the player embarks on their quest. Game play is divided into the main world, individual battle maps and attack screens. In the main world map, the player must use strategy to grow their cities. Food, Troops, Defense and many other factors influence a players success.


Decisions must also be made when dealing with neighboring lands.  The use of diplomacy, sabotage and attack are just some of the methods of action. If a battle is started, which ever side can capture the others flag wins the battle.  Defeat also comes if the armies troops are defeated or if that army runs out of food.


The game is won once you are able to conquer the entire map.