Good & Cheap Original Xbox Games Still Found Today

December 21, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

Good & Cheap Original Xbox Games Still Found Today
There are some excellent original Xbox games that some have forgotten about. In this video, I pick 10 OG Xbox Games worth revisiting that are still very affordable. The games shown are not part of the 38 backwards compatible games for the XB1/Series S/Series X, but some are BC with the Xbox 360. What do you recommend for the OG Xbox? Comment below and I hope you enjoy the video!
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Games shown in this video:
Blood Wake
Forza Motorsport
LOTR Return of the King
Midtown Madness 3
Pirates Legend of the Black Kat
Project Gotham Racing 2
Soul Calibur II
Tecmo Classic Arcade
Time Splitters 2

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