Great Visual Effects on the Sega Genesis – Part 3

November 30, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

Great Visual Effects on the Sega Genesis – Part 3
I take a look at some more Genesis games that have some cool graphics and effects.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Opening 3D Logo By:
Jan Neves
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Opening 2D Animation By:
Kevin Bhall
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Episode Notes:

1. All games captured via a Mega SG.

2. The SNES version of Virtual Bart is radically different visually in a few of the segments. If you ever get a moment, take a look at the bike segment. It’s entirely flat Mode 7. The Genesis engine is far more impressive. I wanted to include a side by side, but I couldn’t find my damn RGB cables before the video was due to go up.

3. I really wish there had been a Street Racer for the Sega CD. With the Genesis handling the track and the sprite scaling done by the Sega CD, it could have rivaled the Saturn version. Maybe.

4. ExoSquad pissed me off so much while capturing footage. I died countless times trying to get some good shots. I almost omitted the game entirely.

5. In the earliest stages of Ristar’s creation, he was imagined as a bunny that could grab things with his ears. This lost out to Sonic’s original design, but would still grow and mature into the game you see here.

6. The ending references Galaxy Force II and Super Hang On, two software sprite scaling games of very different quality. The former was awful, while the latter was incredible for such an early title for the hardware.
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