Great Visual Effects on the Sega Genesis – Viewer Edition!

June 12, 2020 0 By nate

Great Visual Effects on the Sega Genesis – Viewer Edition!
In my first video on the subject, I chose the games, but here, I took your advice and pulled games from the comments section. More Sega Genesis games with great effects.

Part 1 –

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Opening 3D Logo By:
Jan Neves
YouTube Page –

Opening 2D Animation By:
Kevin Bhall
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Episode Notes:

1. All games captured on the Mega SG.

2. Traveller’s Tales also did Toy Story from the first video. Those people really could program well for the Genesis.

3. Shadow Dancer is one of the few games I actually prefer the console version of. The arcade was good, the Genesis version is great.

4. I was always a big fan of the Genesis hardware, even after the SNES showed up. The Genesis still had its own look and feel that stood the test of time well. Even when it was aged well past its prime, it still managed to impress.

5. A few of these games have Sega CD variants with even more content. Puggsy, Mickey Mania, and Out of this World spring to mind. There is also a Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast, but it’s much less impressive there.
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