Great Visual Effects on the Sega Saturn

December 4, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

Great Visual Effects on the Sega Saturn
Was the Sega Saturn a weak, joke of a product many would have you believe? Nope, it sure as heck wasn’t.

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Opening 3D Logo By:
Jan Neves
YouTube Page –

Opening 2D Animation By:
Kevin Bhall
Facebook –

Episode Notes:

1. Captured on real Saturn hardware.

2. Let me know if you’d like to see a part 2! There are many great looking games on the Saturn. Sound off with your recommendations.

3. Unlike the first for the Sega CD, Keio Flying Squadron 2 was mainly a platformer on the Saturn. It was not released in North America.

4. There was a companion release to Decathlete called Winter Heat that was a looker as well.

5. I would love to see what AM2 could have done with The House of the Dead. Sega was moving away from the Saturn by then, so it just wasn’t meant to be.

6. Burning Rangers plays much better with the 3D Analog Pad. Much like Nights, it makes everything so much more responsive.

7. Dragon Force is my favorite game on the Saturn. If you have never played it, my advice about staying away from spoilers really does matter. Learning the game on your own is 100% more rewarding. Spoiler strategies can completely break the experience.

8. Elevator Action Returns was only released on the Saturn that generation. I think the Playstation could have done it, but I bet it would have had mid level loading and cut frames due to lower video RAM.
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