“Guile’s Theme” (Street Fighter II) ft. insaneintherainmusic LIVE Jazz Cover // J-MUSIC Pocket Band

January 1, 2020 0 By nate

“Guile’s Theme” (Street Fighter II) ft. insaneintherainmusic LIVE Jazz Cover // J-MUSIC Pocket Band
Our live cover of “Guile’s Theme” from Street Fighter II, featuring special guest Carlos Eiene (insaneintherainmusic)! Originally composed by Yoko Shimomura, and this arrangement by Patrick Bartley. Recorded live at Black Cat LES in New York, NY on December 1, 2019.

SONIC BOOM! Whenever you hear this theme, you know exactly what time it is – time for old memes to resurface. No, but actually, this song has become the quintessential fighting game anthem, and everyone who’s played any fighting game – even some of those who haven’t – recognizes this classic from Street Fighter 2. To make things better, when Carlos messaged us saying he’d be coming down to NY asking if the session was happening that weekend, of course we said, “You wanna sit in?”, and we decided that this tune would be perfect to showcase him. We’re super happy and grateful for Carlos offering his time to come jam with us (and come over to play some video games, too). The whole band is pumping on this one, and considering we barely had time to rehearse it, we’re pretty impressed with how it came out. We hope Carlos can join us for another video in the future! What’s your favorite Street Fighter, and who’s your favorite character?


Thank you so much to everyone involved for making these possible!

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**NYC Official VGM Jams (Group):

Carlos Eiene (@insaneintherainmusic) – Tenor Sax
Patrick Bartley (@patbartmusic) – Alto Sax
Max Boiko (@maxboikomusic) – Trumpet
Benjamin Rosenblum (@benrosenblummusic) – Accordion
Joe Etzine (@jetzine) – Guitar
Wallace Stelzer (@the_first_jazzvenger) – Bass
Norman Edwards (@normanedwardsdrums) – Drums

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