How Shovel Knight Was Made and Broke The NES

February 28, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

How Shovel Knight Was Made and Broke The NES
This Shovel Knight documentary details the development of the indie video game Shovel Knight and goes behind the scenes of its creation. Discover how a handful of ex-WayForward developers started Yacht Club Games and wanted to make a game that adopted a simpler style of gameplay, much like the classic NES games from the eighties. The documentary also explores how the Kickstarter initially almost barely got funded but eventually blew up almost overnight and unlocked every single stretch goal.

It also details all the design decisions that the studio made throughout development and how the team had to break the limitations of the NES to make Shovel Knight work. Furthermore, it delves into how Yacht Club Games ran out of money a couple of months before development and how it affected the team. Lastly, the documentary takes a look at why the developers burned out after developing the first additional campaign and what they did to recover from it.




Outro song: Thank You R.G.E. – Joe Bagale

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