How To Setup MiSTer FPGA and Start Playing Arcade Games

How To Setup MiSTer FPGA and Start Playing Arcade Games

June 29, 2021 0 By retrogamingdev

Retro FPGA Gaming Made Easy! How To Setup MiSTer With No Effort & Start Playing Arcade Games NOW!

Part one of getting started with MiSTer FPGA for beginners. This is easy stuff that has been made even easier with new tools for setting up your SD card!

MiSTer is an open source hardware reimplementation project designed to be used on an FPGA. It reimplements various console, arcade, and computer hardware on the Terasic DE10-nano development board as opposed to running projects like Lakka on an ARM-based DIY emulation box. MiSTer is a fork of MiST, which is a similar project; the difference is that MiSTer targets a more powerful board to allow for more complex hardware implementations.

Contrary to what one might think, the Terasic DE10-nano doesn’t just have an FPGA; the system also contains an ARM processor and DDR3 memory which is used with an optimized Linux kernel to interface with files– the system can even run Lubuntu 16.04 if one wanted to. The difference between a board like the DE10-nano and, say, a Raspberry Pi is the addition of an entire FPGA which handles the bulk of the system core.

MiSTer also maintains schematics for a few additional boards; some cores will often require the SDRAM board, as it allows for better handling of memory than what the DDR3 unit provides. The DE10-nano only includes HDMI output so the I/O board, or an HDMI to VGA adapter, are required if VGA output is desired.

Buy a DE-10 Nano:
Recommended Micro SD Card: 256gb or 400gb will be good!
Wifi Adapter for MiSTer:
IO Board:
USB Hub Board:

Downloads used in this video: