iiRcade Standard Edition Arcade Cabinet Review! The Experience!!!

December 23, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

iiRcade Standard Edition Arcade Cabinet Review! The Experience!!!
As I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Premium Edition of the iiRcade Dragon’s Lair Bundle that I paid for out of pocket to hit my doorstep I was very lucky to receive a Demo Unit of the Standard Edition of the iiRcade from CEO Jong Shin for purpose of review. Links and Product Details below for additional information. When it comes to Multicades – it’s harder to make ‘short’ reviews but I did try my best to cover this thing from head to toe. There will be lots more iiRcade Content coming soon on my channel!


iiRcade Website: https://ift.tt/2KPFXW6
iiRcade Bartop (64GB $599 MSRP) – https://bit.ly/3riEWGV
iiRcade Stand Only ($149 MSRP) – https://bit.ly/3p6b0Mi

iiRcade Bundle Dragon’s Lair (128GB, Sanwa Joysticks) $799
Dragon’s Lair Bundle + 128GB + Sanwa Controls

iiRcade Bundle Black Edition (128GB, Sanwa Joysticks, Double Dragon Art) $799
Black Edition Bundle + 128GB + Sanwa Controls

11 Games Included with BarTop – iiRcade App Store Going Live soon with ability to purchase and download Hundreds of Games!

Dragon’s Lair (Global Leaderboards Enabled)
Double Dragon
Beach Buggy Racing
Bomb Squad (Online Multiplayer Enabled)
Diver Boy
Maniac Square
Twin Brats
Dragon Master
Fancy World: Earth of Crisis
Snowboard Championship

Display: 19″ – 1280×1024 LCD
Audio: l00W, power amplifier, dual stereo speakers
CPU: 1.8GHz Hexa-Core
GPU: 800MHz Max Quad-Core
RAM: 4GB Dual-Channel LPDDR4X
Storage: 64GB
Controllers: Two 8-way Premium Sanwa-style joysticks/19 Premium Sanwa-style buttons
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 5
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.2, Wireless Headset Support
Headset: 3.5mm Wired, Bluetooth Wireless
TV Connect: HDMI Out
OS: iiRcadeOS based on Android, Optimized for Gaming
Optional Cabinet: Premium MDF
Dimensions: Bartop 20″ (w) X 21.5″ (d) X 24″ (h), approx. 40lbs


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