iOS Games Emulation Finally Cracked Thanks to Super Monkey Ball | DELISTED | SSFF

iOS Games Emulation Finally Cracked Thanks to Super Monkey Ball | DELISTED | SSFF

March 6, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

iOS Games Emulation Finally Cracked Thanks to Super Monkey Ball | DELISTED | SSFF
Use code SKELETONS50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at | It’s a huge day for digital games preservation, and it all started with Super Monkey Ball iOS. touchHLE is here, and with it a new era for iOS emulation for old iPhone and iPod games.

touchHLE is available here: Special thanks to Bob Shand and hikari_no_yume for talking with us! Also thanks to @AntDude92 for his DS Monkey Ball footage.

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Written by Grace Kramer
Shot by Grace Kramer
Edited by Derek & Grace Kramer

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00:00 – Hey I’m Derek, it’s me Derek!
02:09 – Factor 75
3:30 – How to Start Emulating iOS Games
4:36 – The Super Monkey Ball iOS Rabbit Hole
6:28 – Humble iPod Beginnings
8:32 – Apple’s SDK Drama
9:30 – Other Ocean’s California Day Trip
12:38 – Steve Jobs’ Grand Reveal
14:07 – The Sins of Banana Mania
17:08 – Developing an Emulator for iPhone Games
19:14 – Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D
20:10 – Legal Concerns Piracy
23:02 – Shelf Zone!

In this video, Stop Skeletons From Fighting delves into the world of digital games preservation and the challenges of accessing delisted mobile games, specifically old iPhone and iPad games. With the launch of the Apple App Store in 2008, digital gaming was forever changed, but a majority of these games are now functionally inaccessible. Until now! Thanks to the Touch HLE iOS emulator developed by Hikari_no_Yume, we finally have the ability to emulate Super Monkey Ball iOS on PC, marking the first time an Apple iOS game has been emulated on a desktop. We even get a sneak peek at the legacy of SMB, including Touch and Roll DS, Banana Blitz Wii, and even Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania gameplay in this video.

This breakthrough represents a potential bright new chapter in digital games preservation, but it’s also a reminder of the impact of Steve Jobs and the iOS SDK on the world of gaming. By some estimates, Apple makes more money off of games than Microsoft, Activision, Sony, and Nintendo combined, all thanks to the App Store. Unfortunately, many old games are lost to time, but emulation offers hope for preserving digital games for future generations.

Join Stop Skeletons From Fighting as we explore the world of iOS games emulation, discuss the impact of preserving digital games, and reflect on the legacy of Steve Jobs and the iOS SDK.
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