Kickstarter’s PLAGIARISED Video Games | Bizarre Crowdfunding Stories

Kickstarter’s PLAGIARISED Video Games | Bizarre Crowdfunding Stories

February 16, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

Kickstarter’s PLAGIARISED Video Games | Bizarre Crowdfunding Stories
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In today’s video I have collected together 5 very suspect Kickstarters & IndieGoGos (No GoFundMe’s this week) and all 5 are based within the world of VIDEO GAMES!

Banjoe & Kazooie, Shining Force, Rime, Rock n Roll Racing & STALKER!

When the fans come a knocking for new entries in these classic franchises you can besure that Kickstarter will answer those prayers… or not, as most of these never got funded.

Still, It’s quite interesting to look back at these rather odd campaigns whilst I work on the next BIG Kickscammers episode which is taking an absolute age to finish… It’s that AMICO episode btw

Anyway, back to the grind, mucho move everyone
-DJ Slope

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00:00 Intro
02:29 Shining Empire
05:20 KUMO
25:45 Rock N Roll Racing 3D
28:21 Kewpie Jazzy
33:26 Areal

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