Luigi’s Mission – Do a Barrel Roll! (VGM Mashup)

November 1, 2019 0 By nate

Luigi’s Mission – Do a Barrel Roll! (VGM Mashup)
Here’s a live version of a track from the new album we’re working on entitled Super Smash Band. The album focuses on mashing up videogame songs with other songs across popular music.

There are so many subtle similarities and patterns that we pick up on in music that create these cognitive relationships. They’re normally established to help us understand, categorize, and digest music, but this album will embellish that concept and have fun with it.

In this track we combine E. Gadd’s theme from Luigi’s Mansion with the Mission Impossible theme from the TV show and films. It’s very funky and we hope you can groove to it!

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Camera Operators: Breanna Gipe, Robert Frost III
Audio Mix: Andrew Goulson
via YouTube