MiSTer Review – Game Sack

May 13, 2019 0 By nate

MiSTer Review – Game Sack
Episode 247 – The MiSTer is an FPGA-based device that runs cores for many different platforms. It originates from the MiST project which had an initial goal of creating an FPGA version of the Atari ST computer. Curiously, there is no Atari ST core for the MiSTer at the time this video is being released, but I fully expect one in the future. I bought my MiSTer and the add-ons at the appropriately-named http://bit.ly/2VljnEp and they were extremely helpful in helping me set up my MiSTer and also the making of this video, as was Smokemonster whose channel can be found here – https://www.youtube.com/SmokeMonster

For very detailed MiSTer information try these:
The 3 MiSTer channels on Classic Gaming Discord – http://bit.ly/30kgirI
Atari Age Forum – http://bit.ly/2Arvd91

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