Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition – Sega Genesis Project

Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition – Sega Genesis Project

January 10, 2022 1 By retrogamingdev

Sega Lord X takes a look at the fan project Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition for the Sega Genesis.



Episode Notes from Sega Lord X

1. This footage is captured from real hardware, the Mega SG, and Kega Fusion. The hacked ROM seemed to play fine on all 3.

2. While the original 16 megabit cartridge wasn’t tiny, I always felt that MK needed a minimum of 24 megabits to be done well on the Genesis. The missing sound effects really hurt it.

3. Some of the people involved in this have done other hacks for the Sega Genesis worth looking into. Check the link for more info.

4. The ending in this was welcome. It really lets the sound effects fly.

5. Be sure to let the contributors know you enjoyed the project!