My 2021 Plans – Cinemassacre Update Video

December 18, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

My 2021 Plans – Cinemassacre Update Video
Wanted to give you one last update this year, mostly going over Cinemassacre’s plans for 2021.

Here’s a rundown:

1) Definitely working on more projects next year, especially whenever things are safe enough to film together. Got some big stuff planned already.

2) REX VIPER!! That’s my new band’s name. You might remember the music video we did called Mighty Wings and Hadoukens: You’ll be hearing more music from us soon, but it’ll probably be on a new channel just for music. Stay tuned.

3) My autobiography, “A Movie Making Nerd” is still coming. It’s done, but no new news, aside from the cover art. But, it’s 100% coming out in 2021. Sooner than later. Haven’t decided how to publish it yet.

4) Monster Madness is HOPEFULLY coming back full force in 2021. The theme might be “Around the World.” 31 days, 31 movies, from 31 different countries. Not sure if it will be on the main channel or our second channel.

5) James and Mike Monday’s will not be returning after our hiatus this year. Mike Matei has decided to leave the channel to focus full time on his streaming. So, he won’t be appearing in any future videos. We wish him the best of luck on Twitch. Give him a follow here:

6) The Screenwave Media guys will still be helping me on Nerd episodes and other reviews. Really appreciate all the help they’ve been giving me for years.

7) The AVGN 1+2 Deluxe video game is coming to PlayStation and Xbox really soon. Stay tuned to their social media on to get updates. And, yes, a physical edition is coming.

Thanks for watching!! I really appreciate it!!

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