N64 Classic Edition May Be One Step Closer to a Reality

N64 Classic Edition May Be One Step Closer to a Reality

May 25, 2018 0 By nate

Nintendo 64If you happen to pay attention to the Japanese Nintendo blog, you may have recently seen a post regarding a new Nintendo 64 (N64) trademark application made by Nintendo in Japan.  The trademark application, which can be found here, outlines the following:

  • Video game program
  • Controller for game machine
  • Joystick for video game machine
  • TV game machine

Now, does this actually mean there will be a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition?  No, not really. Often times trademark applications are made without intention to market new product, so it really could be for anything.  But, the timing and success of the last to ‘mini’ consoles leads us to believe that it will come eventually.  The N64 library isn’t as large as the NES or the SNES, but there are a ton of great games that people would love to have a second chance at.

What do you think? Is Nintendo going to give us a N64 Classic Edition and if they do, what games should be included?  Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Updated: May 25, 2018