NES Classic Edition is coming back!!

NES Classic Edition is coming back!!

May 14, 2018 0 By nate

Great news everyone, Nintendo officially announced the return of the NES Classic Edition!  It will be back on shelves on June 29, 2018.

Now, if you don’t know why this is good news, here is a quick back story on this little bit of retrogaming goodness.  Back in 2016, Nintendo released it’s first ever “retro” console, the NES Classic Edition. Fans had a few months to prepare for it’s release and make plans on how to get one. Unfortunately, though, no one really anticipated that Nintendo would do such a limited release with this. Demand was huge and initial supplies sold out nearly instantly everywhere. Subsequently, Nintendo did trickle out small supply of the console (and even smaller trickle of extra controllers) but it was never enough to meet the overall demand. Scalpers were also a huge factor in this release.  Once it was apparent that there was a limited supply, many had setup bots to receive notification on any inventory available online, making it nearly impossible for real users to find one. Nintendo blamed the lack of additional units on Switch production.  Nintendo also released what ended up being false statements about plans to meet demands eventually (unless you consider this next release as their fulfillment).

Eventually, Nintendo officially stopped releasing any further NES Classic units, despite a huge need existing still.  The 2017 followup, the SNES Classic Edition, was handled much more smoothly with a larger initial stock and a continued resupply to most major retailers. Even still, many gamers have a sour taste in their mouth over the original NES Classic Edition.

Hopefully, this second go around by Nintendo is handled better and gamers that have been waiting patiently will get their unit secured.  Good luck everyone!

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