NES Games No One Played: KNIGHT RIDER

NES Games No One Played: KNIGHT RIDER

June 7, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

NES Games No One Played: KNIGHT RIDER
Is it possible to read those words and not immediately hear the theme music in your head? It will never be topped!

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Intro drawing by Ashley Anderson:

After years of focusing on the best games for the NES, I decided to change gears and focus on lesser known cartridges that have, for one reason or another, generally escaped the public discussion and general nostalgia. This series highlights many of the relatively unknown, obscure, and unloved titles in the Nintendo Entertainment System’s library. Some of these games are at best mediocre. Many are painfully bad, some of the worst NES games around. Most are hilarious for all the wrong reasons! Occasionally, OCCASIONALLY, a handful of them are actually good, borderline hidden gems.

While you won’t find any of these on the NES Classic, some of these titles have managed to make their way onto the Nintendo Switch, so if you don’t have an original Nintendo console or ROMs escape you ethically or technologically, there are several ways to play them.

Want more? Me too! Until then, lots of other articles where the pictures don’t move and words have to be read can be found on my website:

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