Our top 10 NES games list WITH a twist!

Our top 10 NES games list WITH a twist!

April 19, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

Our top 10 NES games list WITH a twist!
It wouldn’t be a Retro Rivals video if we didn’t do it OUR WAY! This is a top 10 NES games list BUT wait, it’s WITH a twist!
There’s 3 of us! So how in the hell do we do this?!? Simple…ish. We each pick our top 3, NO overlapping and we have to agree on the #1!! Simple simple….NOT
There’s so many great games so it’s hard to narrow down to 10 and since we’re all friends we often play/like the same games so there might be a bit of a fight!
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0:00 Denis helps us decide who goes first
0:39 Breaking it down
0:55 Scott’s #3 NES game pick
1:50 Jenn’s #3 NES game pick
3:21 Denis’ #3 NES game pick
4:29 Scott’s #2 NES game pick
6:10 Jenn’s #2 NES game pick
7:50 Denis’ #2 NES game pick
9:32 Scott’s #1 NES game pick
10:32 Jenn’s #1 NES game pick
12:00 Denis’ #1 NES game pick
16:53 Wrap up! Shout out to the community. Let us know your thoughts

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