Playstation One TV Commercials

Playstation One TV Commercials

September 9, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

When Sony entered the gaming arena, they did so with a massive force. Not only was their console, the Sony Playstation, a 3D powerhouse – their marketing was done with the full force of 90’s attitude. These commercials usually spent less time showcasing the games and more showing how extreme the brand was.

Included in this set is a great stylish commercial for the classic game Twisted Metal 2. With the first game being a pretty big hit, they came back for round 2 with a much improved game and marketing campaign to go with it.

The 90’s attitude continues with the often forgot about Jersey Devil. This game came out at a time when 3D platformers were sort of saturating the market. This one went with the tried and true (though increasingly unsuccessful) rude attitude main character. The commercial invokes that with the Jersey Devil messing with some police officers in a diner.

Rounding out the list is a fun one for Spyro, a goofy one for Tekken and a scary movie styled commercial for Dino Crisis.

Which of these commercials do you think was the best?