Render96 Definitive Trailer

Render96 Definitive Trailer

May 11, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

Render96 Definitive Trailer
Render96 is a free-to-play fan modification for Super Mario 64. The goal of this project is to match the promotional artwork used for the game during the late 1990’s. Every model and asset was 100% recreated using images found online from the Nintendo 64 era. The Render96 team does not condone the use of piracy or any other illegal action that may directly harm Nintendo or its intellectual properties.

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Credits to everyone involved below!

Follow the mod progress:​

Video trailer made by ATi

Voice actor for “Rated R for Render96”

Mario 64 renders by glad:

Wario N64 era render from the Mario Kart 64 HD Team:

Voice actor for Mario:

Music used:
Feint – Homebound (intro sequence)

Arcade Blaster – Press Start (rest of the video)

Scatman – Super Mario 64 Soundfont (Ending)

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