Retro Fighters Announces Kickstarter for WIRELESS Brawler 64 Controller for Nintendo 64

September 24, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

Retro Fighters Announces Kickstarter for WIRELESS Brawler 64 Controller for Nintendo 64
In this video, we discuss the launch of the Wireless Brawler 64 Gamepad from Retro Fighters on Kickstarter.

Ever since I first heard of the Brawler 64, I have to admit that I have been a huge fan of Retro Fighters. I’m sad that I missed out on the Jab pad, one of the original Retro Fighter releases for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but their N64 controllers have been nothing short of amazing. In conversations with them in the past they had let me know that they were planning on developing a wireless edition, and that has now officially gone live on Kickstarter, in the wireless Brawler 64.

Robert and the gang at Retro Fighters has taken the feedback that they have gotten from the original Brawler 64 over the years to make what they feel is the best Nintendo 64 controller on the market. They have integrated things that have worked well, such as the left analog stick, the button layout, the overall design, but tweaked a few things to make them even better. The “Z” triggers have been updated to give them a different feel. They sought to make them feel more like the original N64 triggers, with more of a digital press versus an analog style pull.

Much like other additions of the Brawler 64, the Brawler 64 Wireless will be available to supporters on Kickstarter in a variety of colors. The initial launch colors will be red, green, blue, and classic Gray. I truly hope they release a black smoke version like they had on the wired Brawler 64, and I unfortunately missed out on. The dongles also match the color scheme of the controller itself, making it quite an attractive pair.

For wireless technology, the Brawler 64 utilizes 2.4GHz and not Bluetooth. This should help reduce latency, improve responsiveness, and actually help keep costs down. The battery is a 550mAh lithium polymer (LiPo), and they are still deciding whether or not to utilize Micro USB or USB-C for charging. The charge cable included and charge port are only for charging, no data transfer goes through this. That, unfortunately, means you will not be able to use it as a USB controller.

There are a number of different tiers that Retro Fighters has set up on their Kickstarter, depending on how many different controllers you would like. I have backed the project myself, and I am hoping that they have a couple more colors up their sleeves. If not, the red one is going to be all mine. Make sure that you check out our other reviews of Retro Fighter controllers here on the channel, including our review of the Retro Fighters funtastic color controllers.

This is a product I am truly excited for, and I really wish Retro Fighters nothing but the best. At the time of this posting, they have already been fully funded by 600 backers with a pledge amount of nearly $40,000. Oh, and there’s four weeks to go on the Kickstarter campaign! In the past they have been extremely aggressive with their Kickstarter time frame, and often missed their launch date. Here’s the hoping that everything goes smooth with the Wireless Brawler 64 and that we will be playing on it before the end of 2020.

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