Road Rash II – Sega Genesis Review

Road Rash II – Sega Genesis Review

April 30, 2021 0 By retrogamingdev

The original was one of the Genesis best. Could the sequel do anything at all better? In this video, Sega Lord X takes a deep look at the classic edgy motorcycle racing game Road Rash 2 for the Sega Genesis!

Road Rash II is a racing and vehicular combat game developed and published by Electronic Arts for the Sega Genesis in 1992. The game is centered around a series of road races throughout the United States that the player must win to advance to higher-difficulty races, while using a combination of fisticuffs and blunt weaponry to hinder the other racers. It is the second installment in the Road Rash series and introduces a split-screen two-player mode for competing human players, nitrous oxide charges on certain bikes, and chains as offensive weapons.

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Episode Notes:

1. Captured from the Mega SG.

2. There is a password system here to resume your game.

3. I consider the first two to be the best looking of the 16-bit releases. Part 3 played well enough, but its digitized “upgrade” was ugly as sin.

4. This is also available on the PSP thanks to EA Replay. The Sega Genesis Mini also had it as one of the default games. A Game Boy Color Road Rash II exists as well.

5. There were 2 very distinct releases of this game in the US. The first was a standard oversized EA yellow tab cart. It also has a budget cardboard release that saw it come on a standard sized cart.