Sega Master System Castlevania WIP

Sega Master System Castlevania WIP

January 25, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

Sega Master System Castlevania WIP
NOTE: This is a work in progress. The Trevor Belmont sprite is also a placeholder.

A very early work in progress of a Sega Master System version of Castlevania that I am developing. Inspired by the x68000 version, or Playstation Chronicles classic version. I did this as a proof of concept code for scrolling, which was later applied to my SMS TMNT project. That was the main goal, to get level loading scrolling code into SMS TMNT. I later added in jumping physics into this, for Ss and Gs.

Music provided by the very talented: @LouisTheSEGANerd check out the tune here:
Pretty awesome to actually have music in a game XD.

Made with Devkit SMS:

Run on the emulator, Emulicious:
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