Sega removed it. I’m putting it BACK.

Sega removed it. I’m putting it BACK.

January 16, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

Sega removed it. I’m putting it BACK.
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The Sega Master System is one of my earliest consoles from childhood. Despite being successful elsewhere, this was not the case here in the US. I recently bought a couple of PAL Master System 2’s from the UK during a trip there, and now I’m on a mission to build the “ultimate” American Sega Master System 2.

Before that happens though, I need to figure out if the one I have even works which is a bit easier said than done. The Master System 2 only outputs RF, and there’s not much I can do here in the US to display a PAL RF signal.

This is the first in a series of mods I have planned for this system. I will be pimping it out with some very nice (and some very expensive) mods in upcoming videos, so stay tuned.

🌍 Get your own Sega Master System 1/2 mod kit from Consoles Unleashed
📖 Step-by-step guide from Consoles Unleashed that I followed in this video

My philosophy on buying tools is to start small and to “outgrow” your gear over time. Expensive gear won’t improve your repair and fault finding skills, only practice will do that. With that in mind below is what’s in my current toolkit.

🔧 Toolkit
Screwdriver Set:
Automatic Wire Stripper:
Pocket Multimeter:
Component Tester:

🖌 Soldering Essentials
TS100 Soldering Iron:
No Clean Flux Syringe:
No Clean Solder:
Desoldering Braid:
Tip Tinner:
Contact Cleaner:

🔍 Soldering Add-ons
Fume Extractor with Hose:
Desoldering Vacuum Pump:
Hot Air Rework Station:
Circuit Board Holder:
Helping Hands Soldering Aid:

🔥 Thermal Compounds & Tape
Kapton Tape
Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste:
1.5MM Arctic Thermal Pads:

🧴 Lubes and Epoxies
White Lithium Grease:
Plastic Epoxy:

0:00 Model 2 vs the Model 1
4:04 A hillbilly test
7:37 Let the modding begin
9:02 Farewell, RF
10:49 Prepping 9-pin DIN
13:55 Hello, RGB
17:07 Damn… I’m looking good!
19:19 Ready for next steps
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