Sonic 1 on the SNES – But does it work on Real Hardware?

December 23, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

Sonic 1 on the SNES – But does it work on Real Hardware?
Who says Nintendon’t? They were just never given the chance! A proof-of-concept ROM has arrived of Sonic the Hedgehog running on a Super Nintendo. Created by TiagoSC, SNES Sonic has been talked about over and over and has gained popularity. But does it work on real hardware?

Please note: All three of these consoles are 1-chip SNES’s. However, a friend of mine had a PAL SNES that isn’t the X-Chip series and that also produced the same outcome. Also at 5:48, slight correction, the 10-ring monitor DOES work and will award you with 10 rings as promised.

0:00 – This isn’t the Mega Drive
0:38 – Just a dream
1:27 – The hardware
3:04 – SNES Sonic testing
7:23 – Conclusion

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