Street Fighter The Movie – Sega Saturn Review

November 24, 2021 0 By retrogamingdev

Street Fighter The Movie – Sega Saturn Review
Often considered one of the worst fighting games ever made, we take a look at Street Fighter The Movie and see if any of that is true.

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Opening “Sega” jingle is from Astal for the Sega Saturn.

Ending Music during the credits is from Batman for the Sega Genesis.

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By: Jan Neves
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Intro by Evan S.

Episode Notes:

1. Captured on real hardware.

2. Arcade footage via MAME.

3. The Japanese version of this was called Street Fighter Real Battle on Film.

4. There is also a FMV game on the Saturn called Street Fighter II Movie which is mostly based on the animated film around the same time.

5. The arcade version of Street Fighter The Movie has never been ported to anything.

6. The console version has never been reissued for anything.

7. Though the actual film was considered a huge disappointment, it still made nearly 100 million dollars on a 35 million dollar budget.

8. The guy that did the screenplay, Steven E. de Souza, also directed it.
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