Super Mario 64’s Scariest Rom Hack

Super Mario 64’s Scariest Rom Hack

July 26, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

Super Mario 64’s Scariest Rom Hack
Super Mario 64 is a game that has garnered quite the reputation in the horror community. It’s liminal space feel has caused some to relate to the saying, “every super Mario 64 game is personalized.” But, what if a game really DID change in subtle ways every time you played it? Well, that’s where SM64.Z64 comes in. A terrifying rom hack that I’ll be getting into today.

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Songs Used:
Super Mario 64 – Dire Dire Docks (Slowed):
SM64.Z64 – Iteration 5:
Inside the Castle Walls (BUILD 1995/07/29) Music:
Super Mario 64 1995/07/29 Build OST – Bob-Omb Battlefield:
SM64 – Haunted House (Slowed):
1985/07/23 Build – The Great Hallway:
Yume 2kki – Blue Forest (Slowed):
SM64.z64 – End. :

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Just like Vinesauce, Luigikid, and others, I’ve decided to cover the infamous (yet underrated), super Mario 64 horror hack called SM64.z64! I hope you enjoy this unnerving game.
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