Super Mario Bros Movie – Extended Cut

Super Mario Bros Movie – Extended Cut

June 1, 2021 0 By retrogamingdev

From the official Super Mario Bros: The Movie Archive team, here’s your first look at the previously-unseen extended rough cut of the controversial 1993 cyberpunk fantasy, Super Mario Bros.

The film as released runs 104 minutes. This extended version runs a full 125 minutes, with 20 minutes of additional scenes. The editing has also been reworked throughout, and restored by filmmaker Garrett Gilchrist, well known for his restoration of The Thief and the Cobbler and many Muppet projects.

This version uses VHS sources for most of the film, for consistency. Otherwise identical edits sourced from DVD and Blu-Ray also exist, as well as a general restored workprint. We are exploring our options and further work will be done on this film later. However, the Archive Team has decided to release this version of the edit early, for the film’s anniversary, and see what the fans think of it.

Previously-unseen deleted scenes include the Mario Bros running afoul of the (probably Mafia-connected) Scapelli plumbing company, Koopa murdering a technician by de-evolving him into slime, and Iggy and Spike rapping about the overthrow of King Koopa at the Boom Boom Bar. There’s more of Lena, Daniella and the Brooklyn Girls. Most scenes are extended in this version, with a lot more of the cast including Dennis Hopper as Koopa.