Super Metroid OST – Lower Brinstar (Red Soil) [HD Audio Remake/Remaster]

August 10, 2020 0 By nate

Super Metroid OST – Lower Brinstar (Red Soil) [HD Audio Remake/Remaster]
If the Super Metroid soundtrack had been professionally recorded in a studio and released as a CD album in 1994, how would it have sounded like? By using vintage sample libraries and synths, this is my personal reconstruction of the Lower Brinstar (Red Soil) theme, in full Hi-Fi audio glory.

Each instrumental line was remade from scratch, note by note, using as template the original multitracks extracted from the SNES game. I was able to source some of the original samples used in the game ROM, and filled in the gaps using era-appropriate synth samples. I tried my best to preserve the original panning and overall mix structure of the original track, while upgrading it to a more polished production standard. The result is, at least to my ears, sonically compatible with what was possible to be achieved using high-end synth and sampler hardware available in 1994: Roland Jv and Korg T series romplers paired with E-mu Emulator IV samplers and hardware sequencers.

Synths and samples breakdown:

Low drums – Arturia Beatstep is triggering via MIDI an orchestral percussion set on the Roland JV-2080;
Low Strings – Roland Alpha Juno 1 playing a custom low strings patch;
Repeating noise – Behringer Model D is playing a gated noise patch, triggered by the Arturia Beatstep sequencer and further processed with delay;
Bell arps – Novation Ultranova is playing via MIDI an E-mu E64 sample library loaded on Kontakt;
Main flute lead – Novation X-Station is playing via MIDI a custom flute patch programmed on the Roland JV-2080, layered with an E-mu Sample Library on Kontakt;
Choir – Novation X-station is playing via MIDI a choir patch on the Roland JV-2080, layered with another choir sample from the E-mu sample library.
Echo Piano – Roland A37 is playing via midi a layered patch using the Roland JV-2080 and the Korg Wavestation vst.

Everything was further mixed, processed and mastered using mostly UAD-2 plugins running on Reaper 6.

If you want more remakes from other Metroid tracks, or even tracks from other games, please leave your request in the comments.

Thanks for taking your time to watch this video.
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