Super Nintendo Aspect Ratio

January 1, 2020 0 By nate

Super Nintendo Aspect Ratio
An examination of the arguments for/against and the reasons behind a discrepancy of aspect ratios for the Super Nintendo. Discussion also applies to several other retro platforms.

Primary focus is on the wider appearance on a CRT at 4:3* vs the 1:1 square-pixel , 8:7 “internal” aspect ratio seen in gaming assets and as-represented in emulators. This video does not dive into the scaling methods or horizontal vs vertical scaling arguments for 240p presentation on a modern, HD, fixed pixel display.

* Technically there is no perfect 4:3 aspect ratio on these consumer CRT sets as geometry, overscan, etc., play a roll in the imprecision of 4:3 presentation across various sets. That is beyond the scope of this video.

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