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September 25, 2018 0

OutRun for the Sega Genesis | Nate’s RetroPlays

By nate

Out Run is Sega’s classic third person racing game that was originally released in the arcade in 1986.  In this game, you drive a Ferrari Testarossa and race against the clock driving through numerous locations around the world.  

July 22, 2018 0

Fighting Games on the NES

By nate

This video is going to take a look at a few fighting games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Not to be confused with beat ’em up style games, such as Double Dragon or Golden Axe.

June 21, 2018 0

BurgerTime and Beauty and the Beast to be Remade for Intellivision

By nate

Here is some exciting and exclusive news regarding the new Intellivision console being developed by Intellivision Entertainment.  President of Intellivision Entertainment Tommy Tallarico confirmed today that both classic Intellivision games BurgerTime and Beauty and the Beast will be remade for the new console.